Nov 3, 2012

i finally got guts

i avoided it for seven months, but today i had the guts to weakly type our names into Google. then i had the guts to read comments on people's blogs, primarily made after the release of our video on Desiring God.

not really so fun.

"ian, people are saying uncomfortable things about us on the internet."


"people who have seen our video."

"what are they saying?"

"some that our marriage isn't legal and that you have the mentality of an eight-year-old."

"you don't believe them, right?"

"trying not to."

"they don't know us."

that's where it begins and ends. we've entered into a very public life, willingly, and we enter that with fear and trembling. we know and respect that we can have differing views. and we know that we are nothing extraordinary. we live in the midst of sin and fears and temptations. maybe we could have made the video differently. maybe i could have worded things differently. but eight minutes never sums up a life.

along with a public life comes scrutiny, and disagreement and other things that can feel really uncomfortable.

but, i can't help but feel the need to clear up two things, as maybe my lack of clearing them up has confused some people. ian does not have the mentality of an eight year old (an eight year old could not have given the answer of "stool pigeon" during a round of taboo last night) and yes, we do have sex.

we also love God and are in love with each other. we continue to pray for wisdom and discretion in this  public role, as we embark on speaking engagements and writing a book. but we mostly pray that heaven would  be oh so near.

thank you, for praying for ian.



Shari said...

sweetie. i just watched your video, and read your article, and cried and laughed through the whole thing. you both are so strong, and such amazing examples of Christ's love.

don't let anyone make you feel badly about the life you're living in Christ. i wish i could hug you right now. i see you and i see Ian, and i see love.

some say the same insensitive things about people with cerebral palsy, and there are GENIUS people with that disease. it just takes time to learn their "language" to understand the amazing thoughts they're trying to convey.

i am from today forward, a follower of your blog, and a friend in Christ.

Amy said...

I started following your blog after seeing the video. I, too, am married to a man with a disability. He was injured in Iraq in 2005. Your words have brought me hope and comfort. The love for Jesus and the love for your husband shine through your words. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU TWO SO MUCH! And, duh. Ian obviously doesn't have the mentality of an 8 year old. 8 year olds could only WISH to be as funny as the Ian we know and love! Praying for you always.

LiSa-NiCoLe said...

I started following your blog shortly after the video was released also. And I haven't checked in as much as I would like but today, God led me to your page and I have lots of catching up to do! But, as far as this post, SHAME ON ANYONE who has a negative thing to say about your situation. How cleaverly Satan prowls around. Any faith based person who truly knows our Creator and how He does such beautiful things in our lives would never dare utter a harsh word towards either of you or your relationship. Stand firm Larissa, you are a woman of God who is living your story out loud. You are inspirational and encouraging. Of course Satan will try to harm your influence in the lives of others. Can't wait to read your book and praises to God for Ian walking!!

Gherkin Merkin said...

It is said that what others think of you is none of your business

Unknown said...

Don't listen to every thing people say because, as Ian told you, people don't know you guys.

You know what you have, so let others think what they want.

You are a beautiful couple and we wish you all the best! ;)

P.S.: we take a look at your shop on Etsy, but everything was sold out! Congrats ;)