Nov 1, 2012


the more than i dig into our writing, the more that i'm craving to read really good books. i hope to share some of them on here, and for now, all of my reading time is consumed by this guy:

dietrich bonhoeffer

in particular, his life captured by eric metaxas, who we recently had the pleasure of listening to at an event. 

if you're not familiar with bonhoeffer, it is so worth the read. he was a German Christian during the time of Hitler's reign and was eventually assassinated for his involvement in a plot to kill Hitler.

this is 600+ pages well spent. i've been convicted and motivated. not only did Hitler hate Jews, but he also hated anyone who was disabled. that's close to home.

i want this to be said of us as well as it was of bonhoeffer: "whatever he had and whatever he was, he made that accessible to others."

it's scary to write our book and to proclaim God's worth in marriage and in disabilities, especially in this culture. but as this author said while we watched him at the podium, he came to a realization on his writing journey that this is God's book.

our book is God's book too.



Anonymous said...

Nothing to say but: AMEN!!

Anonymous said...

hi larissa, thanks for sharing. any updates on ian?

Heather Harwood said...

And AMEN!!

I've been wrestling over writing my testimony for a small group, and you just helped me realize one thing my story points out really well to God's glory: the value of life in the womb. I'd lost sight of this miracle in the day to day of just living it out for 8 years now, and being caught up in whatever my most recent spiritual crisis is...but it should be the centerpiece of my testimony. How do such huge miracles shrink over time, while all the little hurts magnify? Thank you!

Shelley said...

My man and I are reading the same book ... so convicting. Thanks for sharing.

NetworkersDream said...

Thank you for your life, love and passion for God and your husband.

You are so open, it makes me want to share my life. Thank you.

Lindsay said...

Wow...Praise God. That sums it up. This book has been sitting on my shelf for nearly a year. It's time.

Heidi said...

I will be reading this book because every book you've recommended in the past have been great! I am recommending one that has helped me enormously this year- Beth Moore's "Why Godly People do Ungodly Things".
I love how you share the simple, real pleasures of life so freely! You help me to remember what is important- Jesus, marriage and family & friends. Everything else is "dust" and going through any natural disaster reveals that big time. We are so blessed and we need to be reminded of that fact. Have a great weekend and keep writing! Love and prayers, Heidi

Heidi said...

Sorry, I forgot to say, I love this new format! Great job!

Lydia Smith said...

Oh man, I remember seeing Eric Metaxas when he came to Grove City College, and I couldn't get over how cool his glasses and handkerchief were.

He was such a scholarly, polished looking gentleman.

And I appreciated his words so much, that he didn't want Mr. Bonhoeffer to be misunderstood or forgotten.

Emily said...

Just stumbled across your blog - what an incredible testimony you guys have.

This Bonhoeffer book is on my list to read. I just finished another biography by Eric Metaxas, about William Wilberforce, who was responsible for abolishing the slave trade in Great Britain. I highly recommend it.