Oct 31, 2012

his girl friday and hot apple cider

i showed him the abnormal cake that i had pulled from the oven, the partially broken circle that was disguised by a can of icing. he had requested one for our date night, that would be a wifey-cooked meal and time with netflix. i stopped for icing and orange sprinkes on my way home - a nod to fall.

as he looked at the mangled cake doused in sugar-induced chocolate glaze, he started smiling.

"you must really love me."

we sat with our cake, in our little suite attached to the den where he used to play indoor football with three brothers and a dad. 

little flutters of thankfulness came, quietly. so much rush in the day, so much to do at work, so much to do at home with year end insurances and medical appointments. 

but for tonight, our date night, we just existed together.



Leslie Dawn said...


Holly said...

A sweet moment! Thank you for sharing! :)

Lindsay said...

Praise the Lord for the sweetness of life. He intended it that way...that through suffering and trial, His sweetness be weaved throughout.

Blessings upon you both, you lovely people.