Nov 4, 2012

his heart

i was facing the screen, my gaze perpendicular to his. i looked over to see him looking at me, his left eye scrunched.

laughing, "why do you look so angry?", i asked.

"i'm not angry at all."

"what are you thinking about?"

"you. and how much i love you."

"what specifically?"

"how your smile works wonders for me."

deep inside his heart is a spring overflowing with the love that the Holy Spirit has placed inside of him. through loss and a thought process that can be compared to wading through thick, dense, jelly, he gives love and he gives me life. this man that i fall asleep next to every night has done more for my soul than i could have ever done on my own.

please continue to pray for ian.


abbi said...

Thanks for reassuring us with the truth of God's mercy to us in heavy circumstances. He is wonderful, and you are loved, and I'm praying for Ian.

Jane in TX said...

Continuing to pray here in TX after viewing your God-honoring video on Desiring God website. Tomorrow is fasting day. I will be praying for you, for Ian, and for the writing of the book.

Anonymous said...

Praise God for wonderful husbands :-D

Amber V. said...

Thank you for sharing your joy, the light & bright & blessings & everything in between. Looking forward to your book. Looking forward to seeing how the Lord continues to work in your marriage... beauty!!!

Continuing to pray.

Leslie Dawn said...