Aug 10, 2008


We went on vacation this past week to a place that would bring back a lot of memories for Ian. He sat down on the dock and watched the sunset, and he even swam in the water (more on that later). I'm sure we'll be posting more on our time there, but I wanted to thank all the people that worked so hard for us and gave so much to us. The money raised has helped us buy a number of things for Ian, but I was reminded again of your generosity when I bought a 10-foot $400 ramp primarily so he could get up the steps to the vacation house that has provided so many memories for him. Last year, Ben and I spent two days building a ramp out of wood only to have to take it apart again at the end of the time there. We'll also be able to use the ramp I bought to access other places equally difficult, but it was worth the money just for this experience. Thanks!



Anonymous said...

Please tell Ian that I was so happy to see him at Lake Anna. Our time was just not complete at the lake until Ian and Larissa arrived. We love you all, Aunt Terry

Anonymous said...

Hey all,

You don't know me, but I have been following Ian's blog for over a year now, and praying for his healing and your hearts. The last week or two Ian has been on my mind almost constantly and I cannot stop praying for his healing. I just want you to know that God is still putting on peoples hearts to lift your family up, and you are covered in in prayer.

with love,

Jeannette said...

We love you and pray for you often...we pray for strength, hope, healing, and trust in God...oh how we wish we could see you all. Much love to all the Murphy family and Larisa and her family...from the Walti's

Anonymous said...

It is absolutely wonderful that you all had a great vacation. I pray that the memories will start triggering even more responses in Ian for a recovery. Your mention of the ramp helps remind us how sometimes it is the little things that we take for granted! Just getting up steps can be as bad as climbing a mountain for some! May God continue to keep you all in his healing hands!
Wendy, NC

Anonymous said...

Because I do not really know anyone close to Ian, I’ve been really apprehensive about leaving a comment on this blog. However, after reading what was posted above me here by “ab” I’ve been extremely compelled to share that I too have been following the blog for over a year (-- in many ways I felt that what I was reading above was written by me!), similarly I have felt extremely heavy hearted for Ian this past week. At first I just assumed my feelings were getting the best of me and I was deeply saddened by the situation, a natural human response. However, after further examination I found that God had just been laying it on my heart to pray for this young man I had never met, who lives half way across the state. There are no such things as accidents. It is my prayer that you are encouraged by this. God is not silent, but rather he is stirring us up to call on Him, that Ian might be healed by his powerful hand.