Aug 5, 2008


We're headed to Lake Anna tomorrow for vacation so we won't be posting for awhile. We're hoping to get Ian in the water while we're there. We're hoping that it will be a nice break from everything here. Pray that Ian is encouraged and blessed by his time there.

Thank you



Sara said...

That sounds like it will be nice.
My prayers continue.
Sarah =)

Stephanie said...


At first I thought your post had some reference to a you well know, vaca is cow in Spanish. Only upon reading did I realize you weren't calling Ian a cow, and were talking about the sounds "vay-cay!" At any rate, happy vacation.

Anonymous said...

May He lead you beside the cool waters and find rest in Him. Have a great vacation! Continuing in prayer.

Anonymous said...

have fun, guys.

miss you, ian (and larissa)! ;)

-matthieu and amber