Aug 3, 2008

Water Boy II

When I reported the last time on Ian's experience in the pool, I was reporting what I had heard from Mary and Larissa. On Friday, I went to his pool session myself and saw firsthand what they were trying to do with Ian.

His "walking" was extremely labored and he apparently didn't do as well as when I went. Three adults were holding him up and moving his legs while I manned the wheelchair behind him. After that they stood him up on a handrail and for about 15-20 seconds he was bearing his own weight with the balance being supplied by the therapists.

When he got in the water, he had only a small "floatie" strapped to his back and water noodles under his arms to keep him afloat. They walked him in the water to get him used to the motion again of walking and they floated him on his back.

Later, they brought him to the side and encouraged me to try to get a reaction from him. Irritate him! That's what they told me to do. I can do that! When I did, they cheered me on. So I did it some more. After a short amount of time he was looking straight at me wide-eyed pushing my hand away, grabbing my hand and pushing it away and opening his mouth wide (as if to yell at me or bite me?). The therapists were thrilled. Their theory is that if he gets mad enough to react like that, he'll get mad and determined to get better...maybe to get back at me.

So, I've commenced Operation Irritation...pray for Ian!



Anonymous said...

this is so exciting! thank you for keeping up with your blog. i've been reading and praying since the accident - but your faith is a testimony to me. thank you for your example in perseverance in trusting and rejoicing in the Lord.

Christine Claar said...

Praying daily for all of you! Keep working hard Ian!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Steve!
What a post!
"Irritate him! That's what they told me to do. I can do that! When I did, they cheered me on."
Yeah, I always thought of your being irritating as one of your great qualities!
You know I'm kidding!!!
But, it reminded me of when my dad had a stroke. When he was unresponsive, we were instructed by the medical staff to really, REALLY, yell at him to try to get a response.
Wouldn't it be something if Ian just gave you one upside the head?! Is it OK to pray for that?
Praying God's blessings on his therapists, for the work that they are doing with Ian. God's blessings to you, Steve, and your family and Larissa and Ian!

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

Whatever it takes Steve!!

Early on in our daughters rehab our son was helping out with her exercise routine at home. People in close hearing range would ask if everything was alright because of the sounds of irritation coming from the exercise room. Our daughter had this thing of pointing her finger with a disgusted look on her face and screaming. You would get her meaning very fast. Josh, our son eventually made a sign stating "Do not point your finger at me." Well it did work to motivate her and we can still credit our son for many of her gains. BTW, presently our daughter Denielle is still most of the times a very sweet and gentle young lady. Anger can be a powerful physical stimulant if directed correctly!!

A message to Ian; you and only you are in control of getting better, others may help the commercials, just do it!!

Minori Family

Anonymous said...

I will pray for you, too! This has to be hard for you, but if it works........ Keep up the good work, Ian AND Larrisa. Love, Rene

Anonymous said...

praying, praying for Ian and all of you.
We always check to see how things are going. You are always on our hearts and in our thoughts

Anonymous said...

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me (Phil 4:13), even if that means to irritate your son!!! Keeping Ian by His side in prayer and thanking our Heavenly Father that He loves us enough to keep us focused on Him! Blessings and prayers! Thank you for the post of encouragement!!!!