Aug 15, 2008


On vacation we were able to get Ian into the lake without much difficulty, though I thought it would be harder. Getting him out wasn't easy. When we were preparing to get him in the water, I asked that the whole extended family be available to help, but we really didn't need that much help. His uncle Dan and I carried him in with his brothers spotting. I put a life vest on him, and I had attached a handrail to the dock so he could hang onto it. Everyone huddled around him in the water, but it seemed we didn't really need to do that either. After a while I left him floating with Larissa in the water.

I think he enjoyed it. Swimming in that lake has been a regular activity on vacation, so I'm sure it brought back memories. The only down side was that we didn't quite prepare for the sun. He had to wear a fishing hat to keep the sun off of him. Poor Ian!

Thank you for your kindness in thinking of Ian and praying for him.



Anonymous said...

How encouraging to hear that Ian was able to get into the lake on a summer day!
Fashion faux pas aside...the fishing hat, that is ;-) it sounds like all of you had a good vacation!

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

what must he be thinking? we can only guess, as you said..."i think he enjoyed it". you are the best family, in my eyes, in all that you do with/for Ian. you will only say, why, of course, what else would we do? we love him as much as ever. i see it, and others do too. i want to be more conscious of talking with ian as i used to before the accident...takes some practice. but i watch you all do it, and can we do any less? i guess i am encouraging myself and other blog readers to be there for ian physically and socially, as well as praying for him and you all!

colleen shubin said...

Dear Steve, Mary, and Larissa -

I just wanted you to know that I am still praying for you. One of the hardest things not to do is to compare your situation with others. I just got done reading a book called "My stroke of insight" and another called "brainstorm(ers - ing?)". One book made me discouraged because my husband, Dann is taking so much longer than the guy in the book and the other book made me thankful Dann was doing better than the lady in the book. It was great to hear that Ian got into the water - I believe that water has incredible healing capabilities, even if it's just for lifting the spirits for awhile. It sounds like Ian is still progressing - regardless of how small the steps are - progress is progress! Woohoo!! I truly hope that we would have the opportunity to meet some time in the future (certainly in Heaven). I think Ian and Dann would really enjoy meeting. I'm kind of rambling - sorry. Thanks for the diligence with the posts - I know it can be hard to post when life is just kind of cruising and nothing major is happening. We're still reading and praying.

Dann and Colleen Shubin