Jan 15, 2013

love came down

i need a place to hide, to bury myself into rest and into the love that was bought for me. far too human to love as deeply in return as i have been given, i weakly thrust myself onto love that came down, love that rescued me and rescued my husband.

~ love came down and rescued me....i am forever yours ~


Christine said...

"i weakly thrust myself onto love that came down"

I love that. Beautiful and everything He wants for us.

Anonymous said...

To all of that....


Bless you guys!



Bethany Latham said...

Thank you for choosing Jesus. I've followed your blog for over a year now. It's encouraging and admirable. God Bless you and your family.


Colista said...

Ooo, I am on a commenting roll now. ;) I have the same plates, in the saucer size... but I don't use them because they are hanging on our bedrooms wall. Isn't that where plates are supposed to go? ;)