Jan 19, 2013

they chose life

she told her that abortion would be an option, if down the road they did get pregnant and found out that the baby tested positive. positive for something this new life would have the chance of carrying. something that would change a style of life but not a quality of life. this doctor told my sister that she would abort her own baby if a certain disability were foretold. she wouldn't want to deal with that.

then these hands came and these tiny little feet that now scamper through the house.



"uh oh door shut."

"the door's open! daddy fixed it!"

this little life is here among us, breathing joy into his mama's life with every movement of his heart and legs and hands. positive test and all. choosing life.

each night with his binky, his little chest raises and lowers underneath the scripted font above him that his mama hung on the wall: "for this child i prayed."

this child He did bring, perfectly into our lives.

we love and celebrate you, baby e.


Anonymous said...

So precious! Thanks for sharing this. What a blessing! Rene

Nora said...