May 29, 2012


This weekend was for great memories. Working at a bank isn't so bad when it means being closed on national holidays.

Summer has made it to our little town so we are taking it in at the local pool.

This weekend also meant new life, as we met our newest niece, Scarlett Murphy. Watching Ian hold her is just the best.

Now it's back to reality! Looking forward to getting some new posts u throughout the week.

Thank you always for praying.



heloisa Paulino said...

Hi Larissa and Ian!
What a beautiful nephew of you!
God bless you guys for weeks!
with love
Heloisa and Kened-Brazil

we prayed

Joan Ruiz romeo said...

Peace, dear Larissa and Ian

Ian, Caleb told once about you that "you bring BACK God to the centre of all things". Not PUT God". You mean that God once was there and was no more -due to our sin, of course. What a deep insight God has given to you of Himself...God is awesome indeed.

I pray for you

MAy the grace of Jesus be with you

Barcelona, Spain