May 24, 2012

he loves simply

she packed us a picnic of lemon water and milk in the glass bottles that were his birthday gift. it was a coupon to redeem for a picnic, meal of our choice, date and time of our choice. and so being date night, we stopped at our mother in law's house for our basket filled with chicken salad sandwiches, brownies and milk - at Ian's request.

the sky was teasing us with passing dark clouds and so we opted for the park with a nearby pavilion. we took just one out of the basket at a time, just in case we had to pack up quickly.

after an hour of watching the clouds, and eating and talking, we decided to risk it and settled on a blanket under a strong and sprawling tree.

i wanted to capture the moment and so i brushed past ian laying on the blanket, looking back at the tree as i walked.

"you look beautiful in that skirt."

after a quiet thank you i snapped a picture, a smile behind the hands holding the phone. i walked back over to the blanket, laying next to him, smiling yet.

"i can't believe i'm so blessed to have such a beautiful wife."

noticing i was cold, he pulled the blanket up over my shoulder, simply loving me.

i turned onto my back, looking up at the huge tree, and smiled. i smiled because God knew exactly what my heart needed that night. and he softened my heart as he softened ian's, and gave us a sweet and beautiful moment of feeling so deeply the joy of being loved, by each other and by our Father.

in a nagging week that had "brain injury" running through my thoughts too many times, there was peace and a moment of rest. and tonight, after work and spending time with our little man paladin, i told ian i was tired.

"you just need to sit down and rest for awhile."

and so we will rest, as the white curtains on our patio shift in the breeze and the little birds enjoy the new food in their feeders. there's a tea pot on the stove waiting for water and a husband ready to just sit with his wifey.

thank you, always


Katy~The Country Blossom said...

A sweet time, beautifully recorded.

Larissa, I am not sure if you know this or not...but I make my blogs into books each year. I make mine at Blog2Print...but there are other ones out there too. Yours would be beautiful to have in a book to remember by! :)


Greg Shunk said...

Simple and beautiful...thank you

Alisa said...

in the most complicated of circumstances, you have learned to live simply... a picture of contentment that others long for. your words are beautiful. your gratitude is beautiful. thank you for sharing.

{nikki} said...

Absolutely beautiful. God is. You are. Your love for each other touches my heart. May God continue to bless your marriage.
~ Nikki

Madde said...

Your love inspire me! God bless.

Anonymous said...

isaiah 32_16-20

The work of righteousness will be peace
and the effect of righteousness - quietness and assurance forever.

My people will dwell in a peaceful habitation,
in secure dwellings
and in quiet resting places,

though hail comes down on the forest
and the city is brought low in humilation.

Blessed are you who sow beside all waters,
who send out freely the feet of the ox and donkey.

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration, and I thank you for so openly sharing your daily struggles and joys. It helps me to have hope and to look towards Heaven, in my situation of living alongside the depression and anxiety from which my dear husband suffers.
Lots of love from Australia


Kristy said...

I am so happy that God gave you just what you needed - when you needed it :)
Each of us have something in marriage, the what if's... It may not be brain injury, it may be back injury, or a host of other things. Thank you for showing us, that though it is so hard, and not what we would choose, we can find contentment and joy.
Prayers for you and for Ian (such a sweet hubby!)

Anonymous said...

...smiling with tears in my eyes while reading your blog...

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.

Jennifer said...

Just lovely! What a thoughtful gift you received as well.

Anonymous said...

The Lord sends encouragement just when we need it, doesn't He?
Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing your love story with Ian and Jesus.
Praying still-
Wendy in MD

Joan Ruiz said...

Peace, dear Larissa and Ian

In a few days I have read all of your blogs.....I do not want to sound dramatic nor irreverent, but it is like reading Acts 29 (sic).

By the way,Ian I hope you do not mind if I plagiarize your 'God is awesome!'. I love it so every time I read it on your blogs...

May the grace of Jesus be with you both

Barcelona, Spain

Priscila Campos said...

Hi Larissa and Ian, how much I was blessed knowing your history! There is a year that I am married and even before marriage I pray to this relationship be as God created it to be and to we reflect the glory of God. I am so happy to see it in you! God bless your marriage and your lifes! We are praying for Ian too!

PS: I dont't speak english very well, I'm brazilian. So, sorry by my mistakes.

Priscila Campos

Leslie Dawn said...

Beautiful. ...simply Beautiful!

Jen said...

I am constantly encouraged by you and Ian. I find courage to face the life God has planned out for me and my two boys (they are both autistic) by reading your posts. It may not be the life I dreamed of living but it is the one He has made for me. I thank God that He gave you the courage and strength to embrace and choose the life He set out for you. Thank you for sharing your heart so openly, it truly ministers to me.

Daddys_Sweetie said...

This is truly beautiful. I can tell Ian and you have a special, beautiful kind of love that has -and continues- to see you through many challenges. Warm wishes to you both. This particular post leaves me with a big smile and warmth in my heart!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to read about you two.I only found out about you guys today when i was watching revelation tv a gospel channel. God is being glorified by your lives and i in turn want to live a life for Gods's Glory.