Aug 16, 2009

Back from a great vacation. Thank you for your continued prayer.
Specific prayer requests- part of Ian's injury has affected his vision. He has lost his ability to gaze and definitely has fields of vision that he cannot see from. Also, his right eye is not in sync with the left and doesn't do much to help with his vision. Medically, this condition is permanent. But we want to believe that God can heal his vision, make his eyes work together, and give him his full vision back. Please pray for this, along with his initiation.

Back to reality tomorrow with therapies and work-outs. Praying for grace for that.

Thank you, always.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ones~

These photos have brought tender tears to my eyes & to my heart!!!!! Thank you so much for posting them. Truly, 'a(n honest) picture is worth a thousand words!'

Though I am in the room by myself (at the moment - the other 4 members of our family are busy with the 'first day of school' downstairs :) ), these words literally sprang up & spoken out loud:

"O, Lord!!! Let it be so!!! Arrange it that it becomes what it appears."

(Yes, I know that that may not be His will. No, I am in no way 'prophesying'.) It was simply a cry of my heart responding to the apparent peace & joy radiating from that (& all!) the photos in this post.

Praying for you all in re-entry & the (hard) road ahead and thankful for your efforts to honor the Lord in all of this,

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! You look great! Relaxed and happy. Thanks for the pictures! Rene from Altoona

Anonymous said...

Praising Him that His mercies are new every morning - Great is Thy Faithfulness!!!!

Keeping Ian in prayer and thank you for the updates and will definitely be covering the visual acuity - Nothing is impossible with the God we serve!!!!!

JESUS IS LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Such great pictures!
I especially like the 5th one down of you and Ian, Larissa.
Will pray specifically for your requests. Our God is a BIG God!

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.

Tim said...

Thanks for the pictures and your faithful updates. Ian and you all will be the focus of my prayers today.

Dublin, CA

Anonymous said...

Ian and Larissa, It was so good to be with you on vacation! I love seeing the love you two have for each other, and know that God's heart is blessed also.

Larissa, the quote you shared on the Aug.2 post is so great-where did you find that?

It is indeed a dear joy to know our Jesus. He is a worthy Savior.

love in Him,
Aunt Terry

Anonymous said...

Dear Ian and family, you are all in my prayers - just got an email about Steve. Many prayers are on their way. Love, Rene