Aug 2, 2009

Joy in Christ is not the opposite of suffering. The fight for faith or the fight for the joy of faith is not a fight for the prosperity gospel. It is not a fight for health, wealth and prosperity. What I would in fact argue is that it’s a fight for that alone which can enable you to suffer. It’s a fight for a relationship with Jesus that enables you to say “I count everything as loss bcause of the surpassing worth fo knowing Christ Jesus my lord.” That’s what I want more than anything. I want to be so related to Jesus that if my wife dies and I get a phone call tonight and my little girls dies…. if that happened and my wife and child were gone I would say "Christ is all." And He will be there. And I will not ever abandon Him. I will not ever fault Him for anything. I will always embrace Him. I will always fly to Him. That’s the way I want to relate to Jesus. That’s saving faith.

-John Piper


We're headed to vacation for two weeks:)

Thank you for praying....


Anonymous said...

Hope you can all relax and make wonderful memories together during your time away.

Enjoying the posts,
Wendy in Maryland

Sharon said...

A friend was in a bike accident yesterday and has skull fractures...I'll be praying that for Jessica and her family.

May the Lord bless your vacation time - refresh and renew you through His creation, Word and fellowship.

Anonymous said...

John Piper writes some amazing stuff, doesn't he?
Have a GREAT vacation!

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.

P.S. Nice pic, too!

Anonymous said...

Have a great vacation! You all deserve it! May the Lord watch over all of you and keep you safe and strong!
Wendy, NC

Anonymous said...

May you be renewed afresh in Him! Keeping you in prayer!

With Hope in Him!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ones ~

Peace despite circumstances, Joy and Joy and Joy and.....
Praying for these bounties for you all!
["These prayers we humbly offer in the name of Jesus Christ, and trusting only in His saving merits. Amen." ~ Henry Law]

A (hopefully) encouraging quote:

* It seems God is stretching and molding us and yes, it hurts. It has been hard. It is hard not to be able to see what the future holds. It is hard to walk one step at a time through the uncertainty of circumstances. It is hard to know what to pray ...
But, while I’m waiting, I’ll worship Him
This is a place for me to stand naked [having nothing] before God and worship Him with all that I am…leaving everything else behind.
Thank you Jesus, for bringing me to a breaking point and reaching out to rescue my soul. It’s not about my circumstances. It’s about You. You are not out to do me harm, but to grow me up." ~from Journey to a Gracious Woman, Coffee Chit Chat, posted: 07 Aug 2009, 'selected' & 'arranged' from original source:

~ Love, HveHope

Anonymous said...

SUCH a great pic of Ian! LOVE it.
Always praying.

<3 Jana