May 12, 2009

Ungrateful Heart

Last night, Ian asked me what I needed prayer for. I was instantly taken back to him being in The Children's Institute, let alone the ICU, sleeping all day, not even being able to lift his head in therapy. Now he's asking me what I need prayer for. I so often take for granted all that God has done in Ian already. But in that moment, I realized how amazing it is that he can talk to me and ask me questions. God has been so kind to Ian and has shown him ceaseless mercy.

My heart so quickly becomes ungrateful and so quickly turns to the healing that I still want to see in Ian. It's wonderful to keep asking for more- I believe that it honors the Lord that we would keep asking, because it shows our faith in him as an endless supply of mercy and healing. But I want to be more grateful for the prayers that we've been asking for so long and have now been answered.

Thank you, always, for praying with and for Ian. Let's keep praying for more and more healing. Maybe, just maybe, we will see the end of this trial here on earth.


Anonymous said...

wonderful post! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hey, i was gonna say great blog! someone beat me to it! thanks larissa for reminding us all of what we need to focus on...

Bethany said...

Hi, Larissa!
I can so relate to what you're talking about. My son William has a number of special needs and doesn't talk. (I think my sister-in-law Jenn asked Ian to pray for William at some point.) God has answered so many prayers for William. But I so often just keep thinking of new requests instead of taking real time to praise Him for all the gifts He's already given. I think that when you love someone, you always see who they could be at their full potential (probably a bit like the way God sees all of us). But when it fills my vision too much, I lose sight of the kindnesses of God. Thank you so much for your humble confession and godly example.
We're still praying for both of you!