May 6, 2009

Initiating communication

We've been praying that Ian would be able to more consistently initiate in a variety of ways and in particular in communication. A friend recently observed that initiating in conversation can be a problem for a lot of people, but it's especially a challenge for Ian because of his injuries. He will occasionally cross the bridge of communication without our prompting or encouragement, but our prayer is that he would do it more consistently.

He took me by surprise recently when the two of us were sitting on our patio, and I was babbling about some vintage cars our neighbor has. I remarked that his intention was to hold onto them until they became classic cars at which point he would sell them. I heard Ian clearly ask me, "when will that be?" It was as though I turned around to discover he was staring at me from my side of the bridge without me noticing him cross over. Reflecting back, I'm not sure I answered him coherently; I was so startled!

That kind of communication is what we're praying for. We want to hear him tell us he's hungry or thirsty or hot or cold. We want him to show us his humor again (which we've seen glimpses of recently). I miss the spiritual conversation we used to have. We're praying that the Lord would restore all form of communication.

Hope this helps be more specific in prayer for him. Thanks for praying.



Anonymous said...

That is so encouraging to hear!
The kids and I were just praying this way for him this morning... can't wait to share it with them!
Rochelle Calvetti

Anonymous said...

Your heart is my heart.
love in Jesus,
Aunt Terry

Anonymous said...

Nothing is impossible with the God we serve! Thank you for the details and will keep on in prayer! A friend of Aunt Terry and Uncle Eric


Anonymous said...

Will do. To God be the glory Who holds all power in His hand.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Steve; what a great post! I hope soon that you won't be "so startled"...that this (and more!) will be the usual communication that you and others have with Ian!

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.