May 28, 2009

Today I asked Ian to tell me one thing that he's learned about God through his trial. His answer: "He is good."

This is a magnificent example of the holy spirit's activity in ian's life. apart from god, no one who has experienced even near the pain that ian has would be able to say that god is good. and some of us may feel like we can only say "god is good" after we have been through the trial and are able to look back on all of the ways that god orchestrated it for our good. but ian is saying this in the midst of his trial. how that convicts me- and how it points me to our savior, for the assurance of his salvation is what ian is banking on when he says that god is good.

when i asked ian what his biggest spiritual struggle has been or what aspect of god this trial has made it difficult to believe in, he said "nothing."

i want to be half the child of god that ian is.

thank you, for praying.



Anonymous said...


This is the gain of preciousness that God has blessed you and Ian with and all others with the unwaiving faith of God's goodness. The idea of putting all things in the light of blessing is a goal for us all. For then God is truly good all the time.

God will bless

Minori Family

Anonymous said...

how precious what ian says about god. i want that for my heart too!

Anonymous said...

It's always a blessing to read your blog and the insights God has given you into His greatness and goodness.