May 20, 2009

It's not that I wanted to show 300+ people the entire interior of my mouth, but Ian's smile is priceless.

Can't believe I get to spend every day with this man.


Anonymous said...

GREAT to see you guys smiling!
I see a toothpaste commercial in your futures!

...well, maybe...

Looks like you are enjoying the blessing of the beautiful weather we are having!

Still Praying.

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture - such joy!
Rene. Latrobe

Libby said...

I am consistently challenged by your love for Ian. Thank you for the example you set.

Libby. New Freedom, PA

Anonymous said...

you have a beautiful pallets :)

praying for you guys.

Sara Krull

Jack and Gina Plain said...

And I bet he can't believe he gets to spend every day with you too! We're still reading and praying.

Lisa said...


I am in awe of God's powerful love as shown in the example of your patient and persistent care for Ian.

God doesn't play favorites with His children, so I am particularly blessed by knowing how much God loves you... it brings me great joy to know my Savior through His love for you and Ian!

Praying for you and Ian today,
Lisa Furman
Providence Church
Pittsburgh, PA

Anonymous said...

Wendy, NC

sharon Lee said...

Ian, I found your blog today and have been tremendously touched by God's faithful and sovereign hand over your life and progress. I will labor to devote myself in prayer for you as well. Thank you for giving me the oppurtunity to serve you this way..

Larisaa, Your strength, your faith and your devotion to Ian and to the Lord has really inspired, challenged, rebuked and encouraged me. You are my hero. I will pray for you as well. Let's labor together :)

-Sharon Lee, Irvine (CA)