Jun 2, 2009

Last night I asked Ian what keeps him motivated to keep fighting through this. Right away he said, "God's glory."

It's so wonderful to get glimpses of Ian's heart and to hear from Ian that the Holy Spirit is still at work in him. It is such a clear example that our salvation is based on faith alone and not works. There are few works that Ian can do, yet the Holy Spirit is caring for him and sanctifying him to become more like Christ. What a pure view of faith Ian must have, knowing that there is nothing that he can physically do to serve God or try to win his favor. Yet here is Ian, obviously prospering spiritually and believing truth about God.

I've noticed over the past few days that Ian's clarity of thought has improved so much. He hasn't said anything confusing in a really long time. That is a very, very specifc prayer being answered by God and it encourages me to continue to pray.

Please pray for initation for Ian and for his clarity of speech.

Thank you for staying with us.



Wendy Glosser said...

Thank YOU for updating us...praying here in OK!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we'll be praying.

Sarah said...

How refreshing to see God at work in Ian's own heart! What a blessing that he is now able to communicate at all, even to the point of communicating the work of God's grace in him!

Continuing to pray.
~Sarah Sensenig (Lancaster)

Anonymous said...

Praying specifically for that for Ian!! What wonderful news to hear about the clarity improving with him!! God is so good and it's great to hear Ian's attitude towards the Lord! May the Lord continue to bless Ian and all of you!

Anonymous said...

Still praying for each of you.
Wendy in Maryland

Anonymous said...

I praise the Lord for such wonderful news! Thank you for continuing to keep us updated with Ian's progress and problems (for us to pray for). It is amazing what our God can do!

Penny Penguin said...

Ian is doing so much more than he could imagine by showing the world God at work daily. It has been such a blessing to be able to pray along with all of you and to see the fruits of that prayer in this life. What an amazing testimony to God's grace and love. Thank you all for being so open and willing to share this journey with all of us. We will continue to pray!


Anonymous said...

Ian, Larissa and the Murphy's-your faith is so pure and true and a continual amazement and role model for me. I will continue to pray for Ian's initiation and clarity of speech!
You have all come such a long way!

Wendy, NC

Cynthia said...

What a marvelous observation, Larissa! The Spirit is working in Ian's life apart from any works of his....just like the rest of us--but we forget. Ian's life has opened up a whole new picture to me of this truth!
And I'm so encouraged to hear about the clarity of thought that Ian is experiencing. I will continue to pray for this to increase.
Much love,
Cynthia Haughery

The said...

Amazed by God's working in both of your lives. Thank you for blogging it all, still following & praying in northern MN.

Andrea said...


I am a friend of Elaine Jaenke and have been following Ian's progression. After reading Ian's comment, I was reminded of a young South African boy's story. If you want to read about this young man, here is the link. His book, A Message from God, has changed my view of our Heavenly Father. I believe Ian is getting a special glimpse of God. http://www.rethamcpherson.com/Home/tabid/326/Default.aspx

{nikki} said...

Beautiful post. "For God's glory" I'm pretty much speechless... What a fine man you are married to.