Feb 27, 2009

Ian works really hard

I was reviewing some of the posts from the last few weeks, and I noticed how we haven't necessarily given a full picture of how hard Ian works. Wednesday was a particularly notable day, though it's representative.

On Wednesday, he had a therapy session at 11am - his daily session - where the therapist said he worked really hard just as he has been for some time. Early in the afternoon he had a doctor's appointment that required him to wait in his chair for some time, and a lengthy period of time in his chair isn't comfortable for him. Ian greeted the doctor with purposeful eye contact, though, and responsiveness to the doctor's inquiries that showed he was really trying; that wouldn't have been the scenario in many previous sessions with the doctor. Following that he had another lengthy therapy session in a pool, and once again the therapist raved about how hard he worked, just as he has been doing over the past few months.

These are all newer reports. Six to nine months ago the reports wouldn't have been so glowing. I'm proud of him!

How hard it must be, then - as hard as he's working - to not be able to do what he so wants to do: to talk! Give him grace, Lord!

Pray for Ian.



Anonymous said...

He IS working hard. We are all so proud of him! I, truly, believe he will be talking soon. That has been my prayer for a long time, and it will continue. Rene, Latrobe

Sharon said...

I'm so thankful for the strength and perseverance Ian shows in his therapies...please let him know that he inspires me, and, I'm sure, so many other people.

I will continue to pray for the 'perfect storm' of breath, mind, tongue -- for his voice to come back. Blessings on you all,

Anonymous said...

thanks for letting us know these kinds of things, steve. it's helpful to know how to pray.


Marshall said...


I see you are a courageous man. Keep fighting. Keep praying for God's help!

I am still praying for you and Larissa. God is so glorified in the way you both fight this battle!

Anonymous said...


What an amazing update. I was thinking back to when Phil sent me the email about the accident. We prayed and prayed and pretty much just waited for an email saying he didn't make it. This happened the same week that we lost 2 high school students in a car accident. I thought back to the relief when I found the blog with updates. How much has changed since then. God has been so good. Thank you, all of you, for your updates. It is great to know specifics to pray for. We are praying for the whole family. God bless!

Chris and Audra

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Steve for the update.
Ian, you da man!
(...or whatever you kids say nowadays!!!)
Keep working hard, Ian, as I know you will! You are showing more strength of character and more determination that anyone I know!
Dear Lord,
Please bless all of Ian's efforts. Please work in his life. Continue to heal him, Lord. Continue his progress. Be gracious to him. Shower him, Larissa and his family with Your blessings. Thank You that You hear and answer our prayers. Thank You for everything that You have done so far. We look forward in joyful hope of what You will be doing for Ian in the future. We know that those who hope in You are not disappointed.

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.