Feb 23, 2009

More Voice and More Trust

Ian, Larissa and I revisited the great, classic series "Unmasking the Deceitful Heart" done by our pastor, Mark. Afterwards, we talked about what stood out to us from the message. Ian wanted to say something and because it's so difficult for him to talk and get his voice out we tried to guess what he was saying. 

It took us a couple minutes to find out he was saying, "I have had..." but by the time we got these words he forgot the rest of his sentence. This is a continuing pattern that Ian says his frustrating for him. So if you could pray that his short-term memory would strengthen and that he wouldn't be discouraged but trust God. Just like God says through Isaiah... 
"'You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.'"

...we hope that Ian, especially, would be the one that this verse is describing. I have no idea what it is like to be going through what Ian is going through. No matter what we go through we need to remember to look more at Christ than at ourselves - ten looks to Christ for every one look at ourself. 

Please keep praying that his voice would come out and that we would understand him better and quicker. And better yet that his singing voice would be heard.



Anonymous said...

Once again, I am so encouraged and challenged by your amazing attitudes through your struggles. I'm praying for you, Murphy fam!

Leslie Dawn said...

Our 22 y.o. daughter Laurie is in a coma at home since 7/07. I prayed for her to speak. And she said mom & no. I prayed for her to laugh. And lately I cut her meds and gave her coffee. And she smiled all day & laughed & giggled. I'm praying for her to cry out to God now.
~Leslie the mom

Anonymous said...

Dear Caleb,
Our God truly is "an Everlasting Rock" and He is truly worthy to be trusted. That passage in Isaiah has ministered to me many times in many circumstances. Thanks for sharing once again. Continuing to pray with all of you.
In Christ's Love,
Chris P.