Oct 24, 2008


Ian has been standing for brief periods (less than a minute) lately. He obviously requires lots of help. He now has a specially fitted shoe to help, too. One more step...
Thank you for your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Yet again I marvel at God at work in your lives.
Yet again I remember, that He never forgets, never fails, never stops working, creating, loving and healing.

Yet again, after a long day toiling at work, consumed by minutiae, I am thankful for the eternal perspective from the contributors to this blog.

Heaven will be a great time when all who have been reached, edified and transformed by God, through this blog, can meet face to face, and be known.

Lookin forward to that day... and again, Ian, keep trusting in the God who heals!

Summer :)
Brisbane, Australia

j. said...


that's great news. slowly, but surely?

thank you for sharing.

j. in sf

Anonymous said...

Step by step! Day by day! God IS blessing you and yours! Continued prayers, Rene (Latrobe)

Anonymous said...

Rejoice For The Steps

Rejoice for the steps
Of a righteous man,
They are ordered of God.
They are ordered of God.
Rejoice for the steps
Of a righteous man,
They are ordered of God.

In the time of trouble,
God will uphold you,
God will preserve you,
God will sustain you.
In the time of trouble,
God will lift you up.
So rejoice Your steps,
Are ordered of God.

Continuing to hold steadfast in prayer with you and for you.


Anonymous said...

When I saw your title..."Standing"...I thought you were going to say something like "we are standing in faith"...which is good. I didn't expect to read about a "literal" standing, which is good, too!
Thank You, Lord, for every bit of progress that Ian makes.
We do continue to STAND in faith with you for Ian's complete healing!

Still praying!

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I have been inspired. I have read probably 75% of you blogs dating back to the one titled "For New Readers." and one thing I picked up on is your thank you that people are still praying...some people who don't even know you. So just as an added encouragement today, I am praying, I don't know you and happened on your blog quite by accident. But I needed to see faith that is beyond all human nature. Faith that only God can give. I see it in you and in your readers’ comments, and in Ian. I will be honest to say I may not log in to read your updates often, but you can rest assured that Ian and you and family any friends of yours will be in my prayers!!! And that, while you may think it is old news and hard to believe... your story is still new and fresh and an example to all of us to have faith and passion about our God's miraculous love!! And your Blog is ministering to others in ways I am sure you never imagined. Much love and support to you!
And you have one more dedicated prayer partner.