Oct 16, 2008

Doing it on his Own

Today was Ian's second day of trying a mobilized wheelchair in therapy. He did awesome. He certainly knew how to drive the chair and was able to follow all of his therapist's commands. It was amazing to see him taking control of his environment and a really encouraging reminder of how incredibly smart he is. He doesn't need to be told how to do things twice- once is enough.

He will have the mobile chair on trial for a month at therapy to practice, and then maybe we can bring it home. I'm requesting a side cart to be put on it....

thank you for praying



Anonymous said...

He's got wheels! Glory be to God. Now you will have to keep up with him, Larissa. Maybe the side cart is a good idea. Love, Rene

Anonymous said...

larissa-i love how you have something written on your hand in this picture...i can't quite make it out though...something about a photograph? weirdo. ;)

way to go, ian...you're a total genius! hahaha...


Anonymous said...

a side car...i knew you were a biker babe at heart! gigi

Anonymous said...

Awesome! This is funny - last Saturday I was buzzing through WalMart and almost collided with a young man in a motorized wheelchair. He was just a cruising! The thought went through my mind that maybe Ian could do that but I didn't think it would be this soon!! Great is Thy Faithfulness! Keep working Ian.
Love you - Mom (Larissa's)

Stephanie said...

Rock out, Ian.

Anonymous said...

Praise God through Whom all blessings flow/roll!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So cool! And a side cart is a great idea, Larissa! What next? Matching do-rags and leather jackets? Well, you'll need some kind of jacket; the weather is getting cooler isn't it? How many miles can Ian put on the chair in a month's time? Does it get good gas mileage?...kidding!
Such an encouraging post! Go, IAN!

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

Super! Ian looks so great in this photo (of course, so do you!)! How great to be able to move himself-I'll be praying he gets to bring it home.
God is good, all the time!

Phyllis said...

Dear Larissa~
Thinking of all of you --
I was soooo very happy to meet you !