Oct 29, 2008

Trusting God

I had an experience last night with my car that gave me an opportunity to trust God. And God gave me grace to do that as well as provided much mercy, as our situation could've been much worse. But had it been worse, had we been in an accident or a much scarier situation, would I still have trusted God? If He hadn't spared us from injury or harm, would I still have had faith in his sovereignty, in that very moment?

Ian and I are reading "Stand," which is a book about endurance. One of the chapters is by Jerry Bridges and he talks about God's sovereignty in suffering. He said that we have two things that God will never take away, even when our life has totally fallen apart and we feel that we have nothing left- God will never take away the Gospel and He will never take away His promises. I don't exactly know what it means that he won't take away his promises because I don't always understand them. My flesh puts his promises on my own terms, like promises to deliver (I think that should've happened by now.) But to know that he will never take away the Gospel is a sweet reminder to us.

Thank you, for praying.



Anonymous said...

Hello, I used to work with Ian at the library at IUP. Been reading this blog for some time now. Hope he gets better. Wanted to post this that I read today. Thought it may bring a little hope to you all. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1081998/I-love-mum-First-words-brain-damaged-girl-6-given-power-speech-laser-tracks-eye-movements.html
While it would not be his voice, it would allow him to talk, since he obviously has thoughts and emotions. Maybe somewhere has one that you could try out just to see what he is feeling right now?

Just thought I would share this, it is amazing.

Ellen T said...

I have been reading Stand too. It is good.

Anonymous said...

One of our favortie songs in the alblum "The Stand" by Michael W. Smith is "Come See". I think the reason for this is the beautiful ending when the words "His arms are (always) open" is sung over and over again. Perhaps this is the promise that He will never take away. To be within God's arms is all we really need.

God will Bless

Minori Family