Oct 30, 2007

My Faithful God

Those three seemingly simple words were in one of the songs that we sang at Resolved tonight, our church's campus ministry. My Faithful God. If only I could believe that in just half of my thoughts throughout the day. Before this trial, I could've said those three words light-heartedly. Now instead I need to shout them in my mind because I so badly need to believe them.

God has proven his faithfulness to us again and again. But I have not yet found the way on my own to keep my mind focused on his faithfulness in my past instead of looking only at the trials of today. This is where I need grace. This is where Ian needs grace.

Please consider fasting with us on Wednesday. Specific prayer is that Ian would be able to communicate to us with his blinking. The therapists at the hospital are having trouble with his consistency in communicating with them. We're not sure if this is because of his mood or because he hasn't built up trust with them yet or really what it is. Pray that God would help him to communicate clearly.

As always, thank you for praying for ian.



Anonymous said...

hello larissa, steve
everi time i read your blog i feel kind of sad, kind of wao do not know haw to explain. but i deep admire your love,for ian, your faith
i really hope tha our lord heal ian in every part of his body and mind , and give him the peace, faith he needs, and also to you
god bless you a lot
gissell liburd-Domininican republic

Anonymous said...

wow, another corner of the earth heard from....i guess you will never really know how many are praying, reading and being affected by this blog.

i think during TRIALS, those words we read/sang before the TRIAL take on a whole different meaning. you are right we need grace to even grasp them and hang on to their hope.

praying for all of those for you, the fam and ian (however, these prayers just kinda say "help"...sums it up, huh?)