Apr 7, 2007

The Tender Heart of Jesus

There has been one train of thought in particular that has fueled my prayers for Ian. I care very much about Ian and strongly desire to see him be healed. I feel compassion for him, his family, and Larissa. My heart breaks when I think of the trial that Ian is enduring. Yet I am just a man. My compassion often fades and at times I may even forget to pray. When I do pray, my prayers are weak and often distracted.

But Jesus isn't like me. He is full of infinite tenderness and compassion towards Ian. If I feel compassion for Ian, how much more does the heart of Jesus beat with compassion! If my heart breaks over the thought of Ian suffering, how much more does the heart of Jesus break! The Bible tells us that Jesus prays for His people. I want to pray for Ian and see God exalted through Ian's sufferings. Jesus, the great creator of all things, is also praying for Ian. Doesn't that encourage you to pray? When we pray, we are joining with our Savior.

Jesus, I pray that you would heal Ian's broken body. If I feel tender compassion towards Ian, I know that you feel infinitely more compassion towards him. Would you please heal Ian out of Your infinite compassion?

-Stephen A
(The picture is of Steve and Lydia last Easter)


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Yes, I am encouraged by the thought of Jesus praying...He is strong in our weaknesses.