Apr 8, 2007

Happy Easter, Ian

I regularly remember when Ian came to me at Youth Camp one night to talk. He was overcome with guilt over his sin, and it was very obvious that the Holy Spirit was drawing Ian's attention to all the sin that he had, indeed, committed. As with us all, that first encounter with the Holy Spirit's penetrating interrogation of Ian's heart was really only the beginning. There have been many more occasions where Ian and I discussed his sin. His awareness of his guilt before God has only grown, and his humility over his sin has been so amazing and encouraging. With his growing awareness of his sin came a growing appreciation for what Christ has done for him.

We celebrate Easter as the day Christ rose from the dead declaring to us that God was satisfied with what Christ had done. What Christ did was enough to secure our forgiveness and freedom from guilt. I remind myself of that night at Youth Camp now more than ever, because it comforts me knowing that my Savior is his Savior, too. God is for Ian, because Christ died and rose again and because I know that what Christ did He did for Ian. Happy Easter, Ian!

Pray for Ian. Pray that he would come out of this coma.


(The cards on Ian's wall are thanks to the students at Jubilee Christian School. They mean a lot to us. We're going to save them for Ian, so he can see them when he wakes up. Thank you!)

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