Apr 30, 2007


After a harrowing ride home from The Children's Institute, Ian made it home...finally. He was wide awake all day long. Larissa noticed his alertness even last night, and we're convinced he was comprehending what we had been telling him for days, that he was coming home. He was looking at us today like we hadn't seen him do in a while. His alertness continued when he was here at home. He got to see his home for the first time since the wreck 7 months ago today. We got to sit outside on our new patio enjoying the beautiful weather. He watched TV in the family room (a special on PBS about the Mormons), and he seemed to really be paying attention.

Mary and I klutzed around with his feeding, with his meds, and with transferring him in and out of his wheelchair. Round-the-clock attendant care was approved, but the staffing hasn't happened yet. It's started, but there's a long way to go to get full coverage. Until that happens we'll continue to klutz.

It's good to have him home. It's good to know he's going to wake up tomorrow in familiar surroundings and with familiar people.

Please keep praying for Ian to wake up.


P.S. This is a picture of where we started. Ian is sleeping just about where the wheelbarrow is in the picture.


Anonymous said...

Steve and Mary, I've been praying all day on and off. The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies are new every morning. Even through the Klutz! God's love will cover a multitude. Love, Eileen

Drew said...

We pray for you guys regularly. Our son is 20 and always been unable to care for himself in any way. It is hard, but without doubt the greatest thing that ever happened to us. I trust, when you are on the other side of all this, you will be able to look back with great joy. We do and we're still in the middle of it. On a practical note, when I see you working on "Transfering" him, I trust you have a hoyer lift. If not, get one, you will want to preserve your back at all costs.