Apr 29, 2007


"His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us."*

Everything thing we need. I was thinking about this verse this morning, and I thought it was applicable to yesterday's post.

God gives us a waterfall (or a flood) but he doesn't leave us to gasp and fight for breath on our own. He gives us everything we need to endure the downpour. Everything we need through the knowledge of him.
No matter how hard the waterfall, I know God is good. God promised that the difficult situation will work out for Ian's and our benefit, like a painful shot that protects against sickness.**

When it seems like I can't trust him, I look at what I know. That's where I find that I have everything I need to praise God through what seems like a bleak circumstance.

Ian's coming home tomorrow. Pray that he won't need the handicap-accessible room when he gets here.

Thanks for praying, everyone. God loves it when we realize our need to ask him for things.

Thank you,



An unknown friend from NC said...

Just another stranger who stops by regularly to check on Ian...and on all of you. Lifting you up to the Father today- keep wondering how The Big Day is progressing.

the halls said...

Welcome home, Ian!
We love you,
the halls

Anonymous said...

Reading this reminded me that "everything we need" is everything that GOD knows we need; not what we THINK we need. And He will always be faithful to give us what we need.
How then could we ever doubt His ways?! He is GOD! Yet I still doubt. I know I foolishly do this every time I think my ways would be "better," or question circumstances that God has allowed to happen. But praise God that His grace is not contingent upon my weaknesses! That He can stop me in my tracks, grip my heart with truth, point me to the blood-stained cross, and say, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." Remembering our place before God and what He did for us will firmly put away all fears in our present situation. Though my heart is prone to wander, I serve a God who is faithful to seal it for His courts above!
Thank you for this post. Wonderful! I can't wait to see you at Na!
-rebekah (yes, your cousin:)