Mar 24, 2007

Grace Unmeasured

"Grace unending all my days gives me strength to run this race. And when my years on earth are through the praise will all belong to you."

It's so cool to me how songs can take you back to another time in your life. I was just listening to Grace Unmeasured and I was taken back to this past summer, listening to my IPod on the Pittsburgh city bus to go downtown to work. This song daily reminded that it was God's grace along that would sustain me through the summer. Ian was in Lancaster working on the movie set and I was missing him like crazy. It was the first time our relationship had to be long distance and it was tough. He was working insane hours, six days a week and of course I was being a needy girlfriend and wanted to talk to him as soon as I got off work every day.

While that trial seems so small compared to what we're facing now, it is such a reminder to me of God's faithfulness, grace and fruit in every trial. In just one example, IUP gave Ian his college degree because he worked so hard this summer. My friend Jen was quick to remind me of this one way that shows the reward of our tough summer. And I believe that Ian will one day use his degree in a great way. God's grace sustained us through the summer and surely it will sustain us now.

When Ian and I returned from our three months apart, our time with each other was that much sweeter.

I can't wait for that sweetness after these six months apart.



Chris M. said...

Still praying for Ian and your family.

Anonymous said...

I want you to know that I love to read this blog. Ian's current physical condition breaks my heart, as does your pain, but I so love the way God is continually uplifted. And the way you all walk by faith, not by sight. I love the way the grace of God works actively in each of your lives and how you turn to Him again and again, and then share your struggles with us. Thank you so much. You've no idea how you have encouraged and strengthened and inspired me in the Lord. Love, Janet Shilling

Anonymous said...

Dear Murphy's, I came across this in my Bible study time and wanted to share it as a reminder and an encouragement to you all...."Unless Your law had been my delight, I would then have perished in my afflication. I will never forget Your precepts, For by them You have given me life." Psalm 119:92-93 Even in all the affliction with Ian and how it has changed all of you and your lives, we do not have to "perish." His Word is our "delight" and in that, we can still have peace in the midst of everything else. His Word is our Bread for Life. God is with you all. Be encouraged!! Praying for Ian.

cori said...

hey larissa,

i met you one time in lancaster, at Jenn Williams, Becca Smith, and Amanda Lewis's apartment. im sure you dont remember me, but i just wanted to let you know that i think of you and ian often, and am praying for ian to wake up, and for continual comfort and peace for you, your family, and ian's family. i enjoy reading your posts, and hearing how God is using this hard time to bring glory to himself. thank you for sharing your thoughts on this blog. its obvious that it has been a huge blessing to so many people.

love in Christ,

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Ian is thinking the same thing as he sees you by his are a jewel in his eyes and our Lord's.