Feb 15, 2007

God is Kind

It was really nice to see a day of therapy with Ian after having missed it for a few days. The roof of his mouth looks great- almost free of sores. His tongue is improving also but there are still patches of thrush. His eye looked great again today, and they have reduced the amounts of eye drops he gets down to just one!

Today they put Ian onto another standing board. This is different from the one they used before though because Ian starts out on his belly and then he is moved vertically from there. They tried it one time before but he didn't tolerate it very well. Today he did great though. His physical therapist had been practicing by putting him on his belly in bed so that he would get used to it. His blood pressure stayed at a really good level and he didn't seem to be annoyed by it at all. If Ian is able to tolerate standing like this, it's a huge step. Being vertical will help his lungs, his digestive system, and everything else in his body. We weren't made to be laying in bed all of the time so it's exciting that he handled it so well.

I noticed that for the majority of the time that I was with Ian today, he had his mouth almost completely closed. This is also good, because the speech therapist and doctor have been perplexed as to why Ian wasn't closing his mouth more often. Him breathing through his mouth so much could have been a role in causing the infections in his mouth, so the more often he closes it, the better.

During occupational therapy yesterday, Ian's right arm was being stretched. He reached over with his left arm (which is really heavy because it's in a cast used to stretch his muscles), grabbed the therapists sleeve, and pulled her arm to get her to stop. She said that's a huge movement because he not only grabbed something, but he knew enough to pull also. He did it again today while I was with him. He's in there.

Please continue to pray for Ian's mouth, that it would completely heal and that he would continue to close it more fully. Also pray that he would tolerate the standing board and become more familiar with standing.
This blog has a tool that shows you where people are geographically that are reading Ian's blog. I've looked at this map several times, but tonight when I looked at it, I was overwhelmed with the fact that there really are people all over the world reading about Ian. Just the last 20 visits had people from California, Canada, Texas, Louisiana and even Sydney, Australia. Why would people care so much about someone they most likely have never met? Only God could move our hearts in this way.
I believe He has our attention for a reason.


Emma said...

Hi Larissa,

I read your story on Carolyn McCulley's blog yesterday and followed the link over here (and I am at least one of your Sydney readers). Thank you Larissa, and thank you to the Murphy family, and all the other friends of Ian who have blogged here, demonstrating such strength and such trust in God. My husband and I -along with our life group- will be praying for Ian and for every person connected to him.
God bless,

Danielle said...

Hello friends,

Since you mentioned the map, I thought I'd let you know that I've been visiting the last few days as a result of a post on Carolyn McCulley's Solo Femininity blog. I'm from near Perth, in Western Australia.

I've been so challenged by the posts I've been reading here, and I eagerly commit to keeping Ian in regular prayer. I commend you all on your faithfulness in clinging to God. He is truly being glorified in your lives and Ian's circumstance. Bless you heaps.

Anonymous said...

Dear Larissa,
Thank you so much for keeping us up to date. What an encouraging entry today! It is good to see progress and makes me want to pray more and more as we wait anxiously to see how God is moving.
I wish I could come up with some new, beautiful, flowery words to encourage YOU and tell you what a champion of the faith you are! You are a remarkable young woman. You are drawing near to Christ as He draws near to you throughout this trial. It is evident in this blog...like today when you start off with "God is Kind"...giving the glory to God for Ian's progress.
God bless you, dear, and the Murphys and Ian as you fight the good fight of faith!

Still praying!

Mary Ann K.

Deborah said...

Dear Murphy family and friends...
I'm definitely one of the random people who read this blog on a regular basis. I guess I'm not so random, as my brother Josh was Ben's roommate last year... but that is beside the point.
I wanted to let you know how incredibly much this blog means to me, not only because it is a shining example of faith in God, but also because I am a nurse, and I take care of patients in an intermediate intensive care units - people who are still really sick when they leave us. So hearing stories of the rehab process is really encouraging to me... to know that patients like Ian, though the road may be hard, do make progress. I eagerly await the day when you - and all of us - celebrate his return to full health and function.
Thanks for sharing so openly about your lives. It is a blessing to me.
~Deborah Moss

Anonymous said...

Dear Murphys and Larissa ~

I continue to pray for Ian's recovery.
you also are in my prayers

P Miller

Nicole said...

Still praying up here in southeastern Massachusetts! Your posts are such an evidence of the Lord's work in your life.

God bless,

A Mom in Maryland said...

Everyone I know in Maryland is praying for Ian. They are all following your blog and use your testimonies to bring faith to others in crisis. So many people have commented how they have grown in their faith on account of you.

Anonymous said...

Praise God! It is amazing to read how far Ian has come since the first blog entry. I dont know Ian or his family, but my God does, and He has the power to heal Ian. May God bless you.

Praying in PA