Feb 14, 2007

Snow Days

We haven't been able to be with Ian any days this week because of the weather. But I was able to make it down tonight and it's especially good to see him after being snowed in for awhile.

Everything seems to be about the same. His mouth looks a tiny bit better. His right eye looks fantastic- it's not red at all and when he was awake he was using it a lot. His nurse tonight said that he was moving in the shower in ways that he hand't seen him move before. Monday night I noticed that he was moving his torso more also, so hopefully his brain is healing in a way that will start to give him more movement. I'm looking forward to seeing him in therapy tomorrow to see how he's doing with all of that.

"Beloved Christian reader, in matters of grace you need a daily supply. You have no store of strength. Day by day must you seek help from above. It is a very sweet assurance that a daily portion is provided for you. In the word, through the ministry, by meditation, in prayer, and waiting upon God you shall receive renewed strength. In Jesus all needful things are laid up for you. Then enjoy your continual allowance. Never go hungry while the daily bread of grace is on the table of mercy."

Thank you for praying. I'm still believing in great miracles.



Anonymous said...

Hi Larissa nd Murphy family! I just read about Ian yesterday. I was praying for him and crying out to God when He put the story of the persistent widow on my heart. I was encouraged to read the Lord's words in Luke 18:1 that we "ought always to pray and not lose heart." So pray I will for Ian! We do not call out to a proud judge, but a loving, wise Father. YES! God sees our earthly condition and hears our cries! May we put our faith in God! I am believing in great miracles, too! :)
- a Sister in Christ in Texas

Anonymous said...

Hey, Larissa!
I read your story n Carolyn McCully's blog and I just really wanted tothank you for sharing this. God uses all things for the good of those who love Him,and I know that's what He is doing for you. His arms of love are never far.


Anonymous said...

Larissa and Murphys,

Your faith and trust are exemplary in this time of trial. It is incredibly encouraging to see you all depend on God for the grace that you need daily, when it is so easy to become discouraged in the much smaller trials we all experience throughout life. May God receive all the glory for what he is doing in and through you.

Also, I'm reminded of the men filled with such faith for the healing Jesus gives, that they went to the extent of lowering a paralytic man through the roof (Mark 2). It is God's grace in your lives that you continue to carry Ian to Jesus. May you be blessed for it, and may God answer these prayers!