Feb 16, 2007

Two days

I had to go away on business for two days; I just returned today. I didn't get to read the blog during that time, and I'm amazed to discover the things Ian is doing now to show us he's in there. Two days. But, then, our God could heal Ian in a heartbeat. He could wake him up. He could heal his sore and his thrush. He could even heal his knee so that it would bend again, though medically that's impossible. God is powerful.

But, God is wise, too, and mysterious.

I don't say that with a cynical, fatalistic perspective but with worship and genuine affection in my heart. I know that woven through every thread of God's mysterious, infinite power and wisdom are kindness and love that I don't understand. I know my God feels deeply for us and for Ian. I don't understand why God doesn't heal Ian in a heartbeat, but I'm not angry. How could I be when both Ian and I deserve so much worse because of our sin in the face of his kindness?

I don't highlight the wisdom and mystery as a way to excuse a lack of faith for Ian's healing, either. I believe God could heal Ian and will in his time, if that's his good purpose. But, I trust him to do good no matter what the outcome looks like to me. I'm going to let my "requests be made known to God," and I want the peace of God, "which surpasses understanding," to guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:6-7).

Lord, heal Ian. I trust you.



Joey said...

I think one of the possible many reasons why he is not healed today, is that God is working through Ian to share His story with many more. I'm sure the doctors and nurses are being blessed and the many who are praying for Ian here and around the world are too. Thanks again for making this blog to share what God's doing in Ian's life and in yours. I'll keep praying!

katherine said...

i agree with joey! i'm a random person who happened to come across this website - i have no connection to your family but i absolutely love reading this blog & praying for ian! it's so beautiful to see believers come together despite the fact that they're strangers; just to care for one another as Christ as cared for us. you and your family are being stretched in your faith like no other - thank you for sharing it with all of us because God growing us as well!
katherine from virginia

Anonymous said...

For the last years my family and I have benefited from your faith and leadership. Thank you for walking through this time, as well as leading your family, with faith and integrity. I am encouraged that the Lord is still using Ian to communicate His faithfulness and grace to you, your family, and to us.

Anonymous said...

Steve and Family,

I'm believing with you.

I trust you Lord to bring about a complete healing for Ian. Thank you that you are so gracious to us, so merciful to us and so patient with us.