Jan 28, 2007

What the blog (and our life) is about...

You may have been reading this blog and wondering how my parents and Larissa (those closest to Ian) can endure so strongly through this hard time. Why can they be so peaceful in such difficulty?

Because, along with the rest of the human race, they were born separated from God, unable to experience God as he originally intended us to. This is because we're not good people, and since God is perfect, he can only accept perfect people.

But that's the bad news. The good news is that God went to great lengths to let us know him and the true joy he gives. He sent his son, Jesus, to live the life we were supposed to live. And as a human, Jesus died the death that was supposed to be our punishment.

Jesus took credit for our very imperfect lives so we could take credit for his perfect one. And if we ask God (as individuals), he will accredit this perfectly moral life to us, and we will never again be separated from him.

This is why they can remain strong. Their greatest need has already been met.



the Halls said...

Thank you, Ben, for this well-written reminder of our great need and God's great provision in His Son. We love you lots, The Halls

Anonymous said...

Dear Ben,
You...Larissa...Ian...you young folks are amazing! You really have a grasp of what is important in our lives! When I think back to what I was like when I was your age...well, we won't go there.
May God continue to make Himself known to you all and to bless and keep you all close to Him through this walk!

Still praying!

Mary Ann K.

TimK said...

Thanks for this simple yet elegant reminder. I continue to pray for Ian and your family. I hope to meet you when I visit my brother Tom (Kurtz) in April.