Jan 30, 2007

The good, the bad, and the messy

We saw some good signs when we visited Ian yesterday. He had a session with the speech therapist who taped little electrode things to his face; the electrode things were attached to wires which were attached to a little device that sends a mild current through his face. The device is designed to stimulate the muscles in his face. I guess it's just a little uncomfortable having a device outside yourself control your muscles, so he turns away from the side that's being stimulated. On this particular occasion, Ian had some facial expressions for the speech therapist (all expressions he did himself, not the machine) that looked like he was trying to say something like, "get this evil thing off my face!" Then, he actually reached for the wires or the electrodes on his face and was fumbling to get hold of them presumably to pull them off. He never actually succeeded, but he kept trying throughout the session. That was the first time we had seen him try anything like that.

The bad news from yesterday is that, while the sores in his mouth and nose are looking better, we think that the yeast infection has traveled to his throat. He seems to be reaching for his throat trying to scratch it. The speech therapist isn't comfortable forging ahead with certain therapies with his mouth, nose and throat in that condition. Please continue to pray that the Lord would remove the yeast infection.

It's going to be messy this time of year, but we continue to forge ahead with the plans to build an addition for Ian. This weekend I worked on a design for the addition and was in contact with a friend who agreed to help oversee the project. It will be about 20' x 24' and will include a large bedroom for all the special equipment he'll need. It will also include a large handicap-accessible bathroom. The addition will be accessed from the ground level and will include a sidewalk from the front. We're hoping to start next week weather permitting.

I've been meditating lately on the fact that God because of Christ's death on the cross counts me worthy (though I'm not worthy in myself) to be one of his favored sons. All true Christians, those who have by faith trusted God to save them only because of what Christ did for them, are considered by God to be his favored children. I've found real comfort in the fact that Ian is a Christian; he trusts in God to save him only because of what Christ did for him. He's one of God's favored sons. That means that God's power and God's care and God's compassion and mercy and kindness and provision (etc.) are directed to Ian. God cares for Ian more than I do, and God is capable of taking care of him. Ian is in the caring hands of the Almighty God. I'm so grateful.

Pray for Ian.



linda anne said...

still praying.. im never sure if i should leave a comment, but i know i would like feedback with people reminding me that they are praying .. so ... i comment.

linda anne Crosswaychurch

Anonymous said...

You all cannot imagine how many people are praying for Ian, praying for all of you and just lifting you all up before the Lord. God bless you. May His face shine upon you and keep you. And, may He give you peace, love and understanding as you go through this time. We know that He will. ~Your blog is so uplifting in itself and touches so many who read it. You all are an inspiration, even in the midst of all that you are going through. Thank you..... ~Praying for Ian and praying for all of you. Sincerely, A caring prayer partner.