Jan 23, 2007

A Small Update

I guess the cultures from Ian's mouth sores came back negative for the things they were testing, so we still don't know why Ian has them. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors to know how to treat them.

They're still planning to put him on a medication that will relax his arms and legs, so he's not so tensed up all the time.

I know so many people are praying for Ian. So many people tell us that frequently. On behalf of our whole family and Larissa, thank you so much. Keep praying.



Anonymous said...

Dear Steve,
Again, thanks for keeping us up to date.
Sometimes I get this picture of heaven: After talking with Jesus for about a thousand years, I get a chance to greet and thank everyone who has ever prayed for me for about a thousand years!
In your case, there are so many prayers for Ian, that it may take a million years! But, there's no "years" in heaven, is there? Oh, you know what I mean! :-) Just trying to show you how many prayers go to the throne every day for Ian!
Sorry for all my rambling posts...I'm a "blog hog"...hey, when your work has you staring at a computer all day, it's hard not to be one!

Still praying!

Mary Ann K.

Patty W said...

Mary Ann is right. Some people wake up and run to the TV to see what happened while they slept, we run to your blog sight (and Livi's). Thanks so much for keeping us all involved.
xoxoxoxox pw