Jan 24, 2007


The preliminary report from the test to determine the source of Ian's sores in his mouth was negative, but the final report was positive for a yeast infection or thrush. I'm told it's a very painful infection (babies commonly get it). I don't know how he might have gotten it, but it was probably from his eye. They're giving him a medication, now, to treat it that's a deep blue or purple. It makes his mouth more frightening looking than it was before. Until that's cured, speech therapy has stopped except for a few minor things.

Thanks for praying....



Anonymous said...

Steve, Mary, Ben, Caleb, Devon, and Larissia (oh, and David, but you kinda know this):

Just wanted you to know how many people here in Gaithersburg ask me how Ian is doing whenever I see them. I can count on being asked at least once a week if I have heard anything new - sometimes, more. There are so many people praying for you guys here - people who have never met Ian, but still care about him as a brother in Christ.

It blows me away, and I figured I'd pass that on to you.

Brandon Minich

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I continually think about and pray for your family. When I am reading the updates, at times it brings tears to my eyes of the good things and the pain that Ian goes through, but God will always bring good out of bad things for those who trust in him. Thank you for keeping us updated and for helping us to know how to pray for Ian!! God bless you!! Love from your sister in Christ! Jen

P.S. I definitley agree with the other comment from(Wed?) the other day. About how we look on here many times a day. I know I do. Thanks for updating us!