Jan 22, 2007

Keep Knocking

Ian's speech therapist contacted a dentist today, looking for insight into the sores in Ian's mouth. They are now thinking of having the dentist come to look at Ian to see if they can figure out what is going on. He is well taken care of at Children's.

Ian was very alert this morning, and then napped on and off throughout the afternoon. When he is awake now, though, he's very awake and moving his arms more frequently.

Over the past month, God has answered many of our prayers. Ian's body has responded to nutrition, and he has gained 2.2 pounds. God removed the infection from his sore. God removed the flu from Ian's body. Ian's EEG results showed no seizure activity. His sore is almost completely healed. Let these answered prayers encourage us to keep praying. Pray that God would heal the sores in his mouth and pray that he would be able to close his right eye.

Delay in prayer does not mean that God is denying our request. We must keep knocking.



linda anne said...

Thanks Larissa... i pray for ian, and i pray for his family, but i pray for you especially, because i feel that i can relate to you better (maybe because i am a girl with probably most of the same dreams, hopes, and aspirations..). I cant imagine what you are going through, but i know that God, in His faithfulness, is meeting you were you are. That is amazing to see. Oh how i pray that He would continue to be your everything... and that he would graciously allow your boy to recover fully...

Linda anne (Crossway Church of Lanc)

Anonymous said...

great picture, ian...tom cruise would be proud.


Anonymous said...

God bless you, dear, for recounting His goodness to Ian!
Let us not grow weary in praying as we have seen so many mercies so far!

Still praying!

Mary Ann K.