Dec 18, 2006

Slow, slow progress

Ian is making progress, but it sure is slow. I know that it's not slow from God's perspective. I know also that God is teaching us through these difficulties to rest in Him moment by moment.

Ian's wounds and infections are slowly healing. One physical therapist could see a definite difference in the sore on his back. His eye seems to close more than it did, and it looks less red. The wound where the trach was has only a regular bandaid on it now.

The medical people at the Children's Institute continue to monitor his liquid intake and output. They increased it a little more. They also increased his calories and nutrition. He got a haircut today; Heather Rice did a good job with it. He's looking more and more like Ian. A nurse said tonight that after having been off for four days, he could see a clear difference in how Ian looks at people. The nurse said he seems more and more like he's really there.

Someone asked me a few days ago how they could pray for us - for the Murphys and for Larissa. I told them the Lord has graciously been sustaining us, keeping us in faith and at peace, but we don't want to grow weary through this long, slow process. It's very sad to see Ian like this, and some days the sadness weighs a lot heavier than other days. It's tempting in those days to fear or to embrace self-pity. We want to continue to walk in faith through the sadness. Pray that we don't grow weary.

Pray most of all for Ian. Thanks....

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Ellen T said...

I am still standing with you and believing for a miracle of life poured into him even suddenly!! Hang in there, so much ground has already been covered.
God bless you all!