Dec 19, 2006

Mercies Anew

Mary and I had an encouraging visit with Ian today. Each time that we talk with the nursing staff, they seemed more and more excited about Ian's progress. His nurse today said that he was wide awake when she came in in the morning, and she also said that he seems to be communicating with her at times by blinking once for "no" and twice for "yes."

We were also told that Ian was tracking fully with his eyes today- meaning he followed with his eyes not only to the right but to the left, something that he hasn't done before. His doctor was excited by how his eye is clearing up and also the sore on his back seems to be getting smaller.

We've heard several different staff members say that Ian just seems to be more and more aware of what's going on. He now tends to stay awake all day, which is great.

One focus of prayer is for Ian's medical assistance. Right now there is some question of whether medical insurance will cover his stay up until now. This doesn't mean that Ian will have to leave Children's- but the days that he has already been there may not be paid for by medical assistance. Please pray that medical assistance would decide to pay for his stay so far.

To repeat what David wrote a few weeks ago, Jesus is on the move. I'm still praying about that Christmas gift.

Thank you for your prayers.



Audra Barrick said...

What fabulous news! We are praying hard in Nebraska. I currently teach high school. One evening, I was staying late with kids and they saw me check this blog. Since then, so many kids have been checking the blog to stay updated and to pray that the school system blocked access to blogger because the kids were praying and reading rather than doing their work!

Here's a song that is on my heart for Ian.

Every morning that breaks there are mercies aanew
Every breath that I take is your faithfulness proved
And at the end of each day when my labors are through
I will sing of your mercies anew.

When I've fallen and strayed there were mercies anew'For you sought me in love and my heart you pursued
In the face of my sin Lord, You never withdrew
So I sing of Your mercies anew

And Your mercies, they will never end
For ten thousand years they'll remain
And when this world's beauty has passed away
Your mercies will be unchanged

And when the storms swirl nd rage there are mercies anew
In affliction and pain You will carry me through
And at the end of my days when Your throne fills my view
I will sing of Your mercies anew
I will sing of Your mercies anew

Anonymous said...

When my brother was paralyzed completely except his eyes, my sister-in-law and the hospital staff used a system to communicate with him with his eyes. My sister-in-law would say to him, "first half?" meaning the first half of the alphabet and then if the word he wanted to say was in the first half, he would roll his eyes upward. If not, they'd say, "second half?" and then after they established which part of the alphabet, they would start to say, "A, B, C...." slowly until they got to the right letter and he would look upward. After a few letters, they could usually tell what he wanted. It was time consuming and laborious, but it worked for him at that time.

I'm not sure if this is anything that you would find helpful with Ian at some point, but your recent post made me think of it. Perhaps this is what the staff is already thinking of doing since they are already using the blink once/twice thing.

We're praying that it won't be long until Ian is speaking and is "back" and no new system is needed!
Gina Plain

ashley batz said...

A few weeks ago my Dad told me about what had happened to Ian. Today I came across this
site, I just wanted you to know that you and Ian will be in our thoughts and prayers.
Have a blessed Christmas. With Love, Ashley Batz