Dec 21, 2006

It's not about us

In chapter 9, Luke in his account of the gospel records the story of a man who came to Jesus reporting that his son was possessed by a demon who was violent with his son and who would torment and hurt his son (verses 37-43). Desperate, the man first begged Jesus' disciples to help his son.

I could relate at this point in the story. In Ian's case, a car wreck has done the violence, and as his dad I feel as desperate as this dad.

When the disciples couldn't help him, he didn't give up, but he begged Jesus to heal his son. The father's persistence in seeking God's help is certainly something God is teaching me, my family and Ian's friends, but that isn't what struck me about this story. The phrase that jumped out to me was at the end of the story after Jesus cast the demon out of the boy (v43): "And all were astonished at the majesty of God."

I was reminded once again that the focus of this story of Ian's wreck isn't Ian or me or my family. The focus is God...or should be. In this story in Luke, the end result was that people saw the majesty of God. In Ian's story, somehow (I can't quite see clearly how yet) people will see the glory of God, and a view of the glory of God is the best thing God could give any of us. In my finite mind and with my spiritual eyes that are so often weak in their ability to see God's glory, I wouldn't choose a view of the glory of God above anything else. I would choose to have Ian with us right now, for no other reason than that I want him back. My way (i.e. an instant healing) might be the best way for me and for us to see the glory of God, but God knows what's best. He knows how to give me the best. I do want to see the glory of God. I can see it most clearly displayed in what he did for me on the cross, dying to secure the opportunity for me to see the glory of God, to open my blind spiritual eyes. I'm so grateful for that.

I'm still going to beg God for Ian's healing, though, just like the man in this story.


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