Dec 21, 2006

It's not about us (Part II)

From Valley of Vision, a collection of prayers from the 16th and 17th centuries:

For time and for eternity, let me be
a monument to the efficacy of your grace
a trophy for your victory

While awake, Ian pointed people to God. He reminded us daily that we serve a powerfully good creator. He was walking proof that God rescues people from their sins and transforms their lives.

Now he's bed-ridden proof of the same thing.

Even while unconscious, Ian is a giant finger pointing towards God. Because of him we are praying even more fervently and relying on God even more. I'm sure Ian is glad that we are looking to Christ because of him.

Let's keep praying that Ian will wake up!



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Anonymous said...

Well said Ben! We continue to pray in joy, and hope, in peace. May the Murphy's have a very blessed Christmas.

Eric Grubbs
White Stone Christian Fellowship