Dec 22, 2006

Ian got a bad boo boo

Those were Lydia's words tonight at dinner.

He does have a bad boo boo - he has several bad boo boos. The one we're concerned for at this point is his right knee. On Wednesday, Ian is to have an evaluation by the original surgeon who put the knee back together - to a point. The surgeon told us then that Ian would require further surgery to repair the ligaments, etc., in his knee. We're now to that point where he could have surgery. Our prayer is that the infection on his back would not delay the surgery. The danger is that the infection would spread to his knee when the surgeon goes in to fix it. The best thing for his rehabilitation is to get the knee repaired and get on with it. The bottom line is we want the surgeon to go ahead with the surgery asap; we don't want anything to delay it.

The speech therapist is working with him to get a form of communication going. Lately, she's used 2 eye blinks for yes and one for no. Now, she's using yes and no cards he can focus on depending on his answer to a question. I don't know how that's progressing. The speech therapist is also poised to try giving him some applesauce, since he's swallowing so well. Again, I don't know how that will go.

Please pray...

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