Dec 18, 2006

A Special Weekend

We received this email from Larissa's dad after he visited Ian this weekend:

Our family finally had the opportunity to spend some time with Ian this weekend. It had been five weeks since we last visited. It was great seeing Ian sitting up in a chair, no trach attached and in a t-shirt. We were blessed to have our complete family there with us, so we had our Christmas at the Children's Institute this year with our six children:)

We could see a definite change in Ian's eyes, they seemed to be more open and directed. We tried to get him to smile- at first we thought he did but it turned out to be a yawn! Guess he was bored with us. On Sunday, we went to Larissa and Ian's graduation ceremony and it was very touching to witness Ian receive his degree even though he was not able to attend the ceremony himself. God certainly had a part in touching the hearts of the professors at IUP to allow this to happen. It was just as touching to see Larissa receive her degree, realizing how God has given her the strength and faith to continue her studies this last semester in spite of all the distractions and concerns. Now that they both have their education behind them, I believe that God will focus even more on healing Ian, allowing him to wake up and contine preparing for the two of them to spend the rest of their lives together.

I asked Larissa this weekend what she wanted for Christmas this year and she told me that she wanted Ian back. I responded by saying we all want him back and that we would continue to pray for his complete healing. Pray with us that Ian would wake up for Christmas so that Larissa (and many others) will have the best Christmas ever.



Anonymous said...

Still praying often and trusting that God will continue to heal Ian.

The Plain Family
(Crossway Church in Lancaster)

Tiffany said...

It's encouraging to hear of God's faithfulness in the lives of both your family and Larissa's family. I'm a friend of Jessie's from Messiah. I wanted to let you know the kids at the youth group I help out with ask about Ian every week. They are faithfully praying, as am I. I pray God blesses you with this Christmas wish.

(Calvary Fellowship of Mechanicsburg)