Dec 23, 2006

Impatience? No more for me, thanks...

Impatience is built-up by our plans getting knocked down or denied. We want things to happen the way we want them to and when they don't we get annoyed or angry. Impatience shows up in me when I think of all the things Ian's missing: his graduation, Christmas with the family (so far), all the memories that unfold every day, Larissa. When you think of these things your first reaction may be to become sad (which it very much is) but my reaction is, "Just wake up already and get back to your life!" Really, I'm yelling at God. But the thing is, this is still his life, it's where God put him for now. He's affecting people even in his sleep, God put him there to bring glory to himself. The way Ian has affected people during his life shows when friends and family come to visit him which in turn has an effect on the nurses (as does Ian's life previous to the accident). Impatience needs to be chucked out the door at the reminder of God's sovereignty, which believe it or not I have seen in my short life. It's hard not to be impatient.



Anonymous said...

You said this so well, Caleb. I can see impatience in my own life....and you're right.....I am yelling at God when I get impatient.
I was so struck by your words that "this is his life right now". God must have an amazing plan! We certainly wouldn't have chosen this, but we know by faith that God is "on the move".
Praying for Ian and you all as we anticipate God's work,
Cynthia Haughery

Roberto said...

Wow, Caleb, what a humbling, and clearly expressed, attitude! Your whole family is honoring God with your attitudes... I'm grateful to know you all! Have a very Merry Christmas!

jessie said...

thank you caleb... those were great thoughts and reminders and i hope to see you soon :o)
-- jessie, your cousin

Anonymous said...

Caleb, it's great to see you honoring God throughout such a hard time for you and your family (not to mention Ian)

I pray that God will heal Ian, and I thank Him for the work He's doing through Ian in your life and those of the people around Ian.

Chris Minich