Nov 24, 2006

Pray for his knee

We got a call today from the surgeon who operated on Ian's knee. He said he visited Ian today and was disturbed to discover the "external fixator" gone from Ian's knee. Another doctor from LifeCare removed it thinking it had been on long enough for the healing to have taken place, but he never checked with the original surgeon before doing it. The original surgeon intended for it to be there for an extended period of months to have it prepared for further surgery. His knee is extremely unstable, but his chart said he could have rehab on it - the opposite of what should be happening. An immobilizing brace is going to be placed on that knee now.

Please pray that there would be no further damage to his knee. Please pray that the Lord would heal Ian's knee. Please pray that he could forge ahead with rehab. Thanks...



Anonymous said...

We check in daily, sometimes twice to see how we can be praying for Ian. His photo from the website hangs on our fridge with a little note to pray.
Praying in Cleveland,
The Liberatores
Aldo, Donna, Autumn, Alicia, Joey and
Caroline(our 5-year old who's praying for Ian)

Anonymous said...

We're praying for Ian's knee and his overall continued healing. We're so thankful that God knows the end of the story and holds Ian in the palm of His hand. We also check in frequently and pray accordingly.

The Plain family
(Crossway Church of Lancaster)

Oxy said...

We are the Howie's and we live in Adana, Turkey. We heard about Ian's accident from my sister who is a friend of the Hall's. We will continue to keep him in our prayers and keep up with his progress on the blog. Praise the Lord, for He is good!

Anonymous said...

Dear Murphy's,
I have been trying to "post" a comment for a while but was unable with the "word verification" below but it seems that has been changed. I just wanted to let you know that I am keeping posted on the updates on Ian and am keeping him in prayer. I really feel that Ian will "wake up" but in God's time. We know that God is in all of this and that he knows "exactly" what Ian is going through and, well, I guess He is working in a different time plan that we would like but maybe for a greater purpose than we realize. God bless you all and keep you. I know He will. God cares for you all and for Ian.