Nov 23, 2006

Collar Off

They took the collar off of Ian's neck today. It will be eight weeks on Saturday since the wreck; I guess a standard amount of time to have a collar on for a fracture of the kind Ian had is 6-8 weeks. Happy Thanksgiving, Ian. We'll take any small improvement and be thankful.

Ian seems to be looking at us more and more. His extended family came in Wednesday night, and we've been visiting in shifts. Several of them expressed how they visited Ian with their own private suspicions about whether Ian was really conscious of our presence, but each came away convinced for different reasons that Ian is really with us. One common thread in their reports was that he really seems to be looking right at us and apparently wanting very much to communicate with us.

The sodium levels are slowly getting under control; when it's under control he can begin rehab. The goal is to transport Ian back to The Children's Institute for rehab on Monday. For your information, our visiting hours there will be limited to the evenings. He'll be so busy there that they don't want guests slowing him down. Our family and Larissa will be able to visit but only to participate in the rehab.

Please keep praying. We really want him back.


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Anonymous said...

Yes, Steve, we will keep praying for Ian and his full recovery. We will not forget or get distracted in our lives. I had to think yesterday, as we sat around our table, how overwhelmingly amazing it was that we were all there. James and Emily and ALIVIA and all my sons (who are Ian's friends) and my oldest and his precious family. Our Loving Father has a plan for us all. We are all "family" and in this together. We will pray and not forget.
Cynthia Haughery