Nov 26, 2006

Looking ahead to rehab

Ian continues to lay in bed in the same state of consciousness - sometimes more "awake" than others. His eyes are frequently wide open, and he really looks at us now. When I look at him, I really want to pull him out of bed and annoy him or shake him or talk to him till he wakes up. He looks like he's just being lazy and out of it, but I have to remember he's been through a terrible trauma. I'm really looking forward to getting him into rehab. I'm very aware of my need for the help of the Holy Spirit to stay patient.

The hospital staff people are slowly learning to regulate his sodium levels. They said if they take too much control and bring the levels down too quickly he could have seizures. The goal is to get him to rehab on Monday, but it may be more like Tuesday or Wednesday.

Pray for Ian...


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