Oct 26, 2006

Our Infinite Father

The Lord's prayer starts with these words: "Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name..." Have you ever considered just the first four words of this prayer? First, we see that God is our Father. Like an earthly father, God is tender. He is compassionate. He loves His children and delights to be with them. He passionately protects them and watches over them. He is extraordinarily generous and loves to pour out good gifts on His precious children. He is everything we ever wanted in an earthly Father in the infinite degree.

Second, we see that God is in heaven. He reigns over all the universe from His heavenly throne. All power is His and He does what ever pleases Him. The oceans are but a drop in His hand and the nations are as nothing. When He speaks, planets explode into existence and light shines forth. He controls life and death and all of creation does his bidding. There is no one greater or more glorious than Him. He is the King of the Universe.

God is our Infinite Father. What an encouragement for prayer. He is infinitely powerful and infinitely tender. He is fiercely strong yet he is also deeply compassionate. He deeply cares about Ian Murphy and has the power necessary to heal Him. Oh how this encourages me to pray for Ian. When you pray, remember that God is your infinite Father. He loves to hear our requests and He has the power to do all that He pleases. For His glory...

-Stephen A

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Sara Marmo said...

My sister and I heard a speaker one year at Creation, and the statement he based his talk on has stayed with us all the years since. I think it is a powerful statement, and I thought I would share it:

"God may not answer our prayers on time, but He will always answer them in time"

God knows when Ian will wake up even down to the second of the day, and we can rejoice in His promises to answer our prayers!