Oct 26, 2006

I think we wore him out

Today, Ian was moving his shoulder a lot as if he was trying to figure out how that arm thing worked. He got it a few times, too, lifting it in the air when we asked him. He moves his fingers and toes and squeezes Larissa’s hand. We’ve been noticing Ian moving a lot. The medical people remain suspicious, though, and from their experience it’s probably appropriate. There was a point today when it seemed really obvious to us that he was just worn out from all the activity. It was as though he just went back to sleep. He blinks pretty regularly normally, but when he was “asleep” he wasn’t even doing that.

Mary recorded our family, especially Lydia, on a small cassette player and then left the player and the tape in the room for us to play over and over again for him. It could be our imagination, but I think he really likes listening to it.

I’m praying that God would heal Ian, and, as a father, I don’t care whether it comes through a sudden miracle or if it’s through a gradual healing process. I just want my son well. So, I’m praying for a miracle, and I’m praying for smaller steps of healing. Please pray for a miracle. Pray with me, also, that Ian would respond to the medical staff on command and stop when they tell him to stop. Their acknowledgement that Ian is responding will significantly affect which rehab we can get him into. If he’s responding, we’re more likely to get him into a more aggressive program. Also, pray that the strength of Ian’s normal cough would grow. A good solid cough regularly would lead them to take the trach out.

So many are praying...thank you.


Anonymous said...

Our family continues to pray and to rejoice at the steps toward healing that have been occurring. We are also greatly blessed by all the amazing insights that we have been reading on this blog. We are being taught much about God and His grace to His people through all of you. We are encouraged in our walk with the Lord through your trial.

Thank you for sharing your lives with us. We check the blog often and pray accordingly.

Gina Plain (Crossway Church of Lancaster)

TimK said...

Steve, I am praying with you for a miracle.

Anonymous said...

I know you don't know me but I have been through the same thing with my brother. Keep working with him talk to him play the tapes that you have made. Don't let the doctors discourage you, when Ian gets tired let him rest. Every little move that Ian makes is 10 times harder for him than you or I.I read your site everyday, and it feels like I am reliving my brothers situation.It's hard to go through what your going through, but there are miracles out there and I know Ian will be one of them its going to take alot of time and very small steps but be patient it will come in time.I wish there was more I could do for your family. I feel helpless just like I did lying with my brother everyday. Theres so much I want to say to you. But the main thing is don't be discourage if Ian doesn't move or do something one its because he is so tired and drained from the activities from the night before. Another thing you can do with Ian is take his finger and touch his nose eyes ears tell him what you are doing, and see if he can do the same. There is so much I would like to help you with. If you need anything let me know. My e-mail address is jjll714@epix.net. I just want to help so much.
All my prayers and praying for a miracle. Julie

Bob Kauflin said...

Steve, Mary, Larissa, et al.,

Just wanted you to know that we've been praying almost daily for Ian and for you all. The faith and hope you demonstrate in the postings on this blog are so encouraging and point our eyes to the One Who is worthy of all our confidence. We will continue to ask our gracious heavenly Father to do what only He can do - restore Ian to complete health.

Certainly that should be no problem for the One who overcame death, sin, hell, and the grace, and gave life to our dead souls.

Grace to you as you keep your eyes on our Savior.